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Uniseal (5 pack)


Product Description

For a liquid tight seal, UNISEAL is the world's best product. The UNISEAL provides more versatility than a traditional bulkhead, handling irregularities and curvatures with ease. The UNISEAL offers longevity, easy installation and a reduction in labor and material costs. It is made to withstand pressure and suction as well as acids, oils, greases, gasoline, sewage, waste, heat and cold. To achieve optimal results in straight or curved procedures, the UNISEAL is the only choice to meet your sealing needs.


  • Cut hole to the holesaw size indicated for the UNISEAL you are using. (See table below.)
  • A clean cut is essential to ensuring a leak free installation, we like to use a fine grit sandpaper. You only want to remove the burrs.
  • Place the UNISEAL into the hole with the flange (wide side) facing the pipe to be inserted.
  • Be sure that all burrs are removed from the pipe, a slight bevel will ease installation.
  • Lubricate the outside of the pipe to be inserted with water, soap etc , push the pipe through from the flange side of the uniseal. The uniseal will expand in the hole as the pipe is inserted creating the seal.

Pipe ID (In)

Pipe OD (in) Holesaw Size (in)
1.0 1.315 1.75
1.5 1.900 2.50
2.0 2.375 3.00
3.0 3.500 4.00
4.0 4.500 5.00 

Product Videos

DIY Installing Uniseals in tanks (04:40)
We show you how to easily use uniseals for joining tanks and putting pipework into your fish farm or aquaponic system
  • DIY Installing...
    We show you how to easily use uniseals for joining tanks and p...

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