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Sunblaster Light Strip Hanger


Product Description

Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger
New from SunBlaster!

Works with Sunblaster T5 flourescent and LED lights

Getting more light where you need it has never been easier.
This great new accessory helps you put as many as 7 SunBlaster T5HO lamps above, beside or into your growing area.

The unique design of these light strips make mounting the light you need, a snap, and removes the need for cumbersome metal shades that not only weigh a lot, but also trap heat and block your view of your garden or propagation areas.

We found a quick and easy way to get more light where you need it.

  • Need more light over your 1020 trays?
  • Need to get more light over your propagation areas?
  • Need more light over your Mini Greenhouse?
  • Want to drop some high quality light between your taller plants?
  • Want to provide supplemental side light along your side walls?

The Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger does it all.
The Hanger consists of:

  • 2 Plastic Strips
  • 4 Carabiner Clips
  • 2 Safety Screws



Installation is easy:
Simply choose the number of SunBlaster T5HO lights you need:
(1-7 will fit with NanoTech T5 Reflectors installed):

  • take one of the Light Strips provided
  • line up your T5's - keep in mind that you will be linking them via the link cables that came with them
  • decide where you want your power cord to exit, one corner or the other usually, you could use the center, all depends on your arrangement
  • the T5 ballast snaps into the receiving connector, which are clearly marked with T5 stamped into the body
  • once you have installed all your T5's, we like to slide the plastic strips to each end, this provides two nice suspension points for hanging overhead, or for affixing to your Universal T5 Light Stand if you are using one, if you are the two screws supplied with your Light Strip hangers are meant to be installed for security.

Side Wall Mounting:
Position your Light Strip Hangers where you need them on your side wall, at the correct spread for the length of the SunBlaster T5HO's that you will be using.

1.00 LBS
$9.00 (Fixed shipping cost)