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Hybrid System 32


Product Description

Pre-Built Hybrid System

Includes 32 square feet of grow area:

  • 16 sq feet media bed
  • 16 sq feet raft area (deep water culture)
By combining both media and deep water culture in a single system, you get the best of both worlds in a compact space. (Media beds are great for fruiting plants, and rafts are better for leafy greens)
CHOP Design (acronym for “Constant Height One Pump”)
  • This is the best way to configure an Aquaponics system. 
  • Only one pump means gravity is used wherever possible to maximize efficiency and reduce power consumption
  • It is the best configuration for the health and wellbeing of the fish because the water level in the fish tank is constant. Also, there is more water in circulation which brings stability in both temperature and pH. In the event that the pump fails or if something goes wrong, the design keeps the fish tank full of water. 
  • The use of a bell siphon to automatically flood and drain the grow bed eliminates the need for float switches or timers. This reduces wear and tear on your pumps. 
  • The system is lower maintenance than older system designs because the pump is located in the clean part of the system.

** This prebuilt system is currently only available in Vancouver, BC. The do it yourself kit is available to ship anywhere in Canada. If you are interested in the do-itiyourself kit, click here.

500.00 LBS
$100.00 (Fixed shipping cost)


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