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Educators Corner

These products are ideal for the classroom because they are extremely educational in a hands on and practical way, and also convenient and low maintenance for the educator.

The selection of plant lighting is ideal for growing plants year round in the classroom. Learn about plant lighting requirements and different kinds of lights available. Our LED and fluorescent lights are full spectrum (6400k) and do not generate a lot of heat so are safe for the classroom. They are also very energy efficient, embodying the principles of sustainable food production.

We also have growing systems that are self watering and convenient. These water from the bottom to illustrating how healthy root structures are maintained through improved drainage and airflow. The growlight garden and micro growlight garden use wicking mat technology to keep the root zones aerated and healthy. The metro grower has a permanent air space created by a soil separator that takes the guesswork out of watering. It is also a great tool for teaching what soil is made of because it comes with the ingredients to build your own potting mix.

Another exciting educational opportunity is the sustainable idea of using 'waste' to power plant growth. The worm factory is an odourless composting system that comes with an educational step-by-step guide. The aquaponicals harnesses fish waste to grow plants, and is an ideal teaching platform for chemistry, physics, biology and more.

Soilless growing systems are becoming more important because they grow food many times faster than soil based systems and consume much less water. Recirculating systems also protect our environment from the Nitrogen and Phosphorous pollution. An great way to learn about this in the classroom, as well as to study eco-systems is with aquaponics and hydroponics. They hydroponic grow garden is especially low maintenance because it has a self watering reservoir.