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Coconut Coir Media 5 kg Brick


Product Description

  • Eco-friendly peat alternative
  • 100% compressed coco coir is a renewable resource
  • Individually wrapped bricks
  • OMRI certified
  • 5 kg Brick makes 60 litres of coir mix when 20L of water is added

In contrast to peat, coco coir is a completely renewable resource produced as a bi-product of the coconut industry. This product has distinct advantages over peat and is also recognized for what it doesn't do - destroy valuable wetlands. Recent interest in coco coir is being driven by concern for the environment and by the superior growing properties of coco coir. The use of this product as a soil substitute has been increasing in home gardening, commercial rose production, and the hydroponics industry. It has some winning properties that have made it a premium choice for modern soilless growing systems.

Coco coir is a 100% biodegradable renewable resource that is light weight, odourless, pleasant to handle, and uniform in composition. Unlike other media, it will not shrink, crack or produce a crust. Best of all it is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to the drainage of environmentally sensitive wetlands. In our view it is the best alternative to soil and is unsurpassed for growing vegetables, ornamentals, and trees.

To start seeds, first soak the Coconut Coir brick in a bucket. Place the brick of coir into the bucket and add water to cover. Allow to expand and then use a colander or another bucket with several holes drilled in the bottom to act as a large strainer. Mix the coco coir with Vermiculite (ratio: 7 parts Coconut Coir to 2 parts Vermiculite). Mix thoroughly and add water until the consistency is such that the coir when squeezed in hand, sticks together almost like soil. Once the media is mixed, fill propagation trays or net pots. Make a slight indention in the media and depending on the seed drop anywhere from 1 to several seeds in.

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