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Aquaponic Workshops

We are currently offering an online workshops. This includes a 3 hour video and an electronic package of information designed to equip you with everything you need to start growing food sustainably using aquaponics. To order click on the link below. Topics include:

  • How it works: The science behind aquaponics
  • System Design: best practices and optimal ratios
  • System Cycling: starting up a new system without stressing your fish
  • Maintaining your system: day to day operation including water quality testing, pH management, oxygen and other parameters
  • Plants: from seeding to harvest, troubleshooting, nutrients
  • Fish: how to maintain healthy happy fish; good husbandry practices

Workshop video was recorded on April 25, 2015 (Saturday 9 am - 12 pm)

Instructors: David Sayson and Joe Thwaites

David Sayson graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mechanical Engineering). He is a businessman who started a successful computer telephony company. As a visionary in the technology industry since the early 1990’s, he holds patents in the telecom and internet fields. Subsequently he was the VP of Business Development for Aastra Telecom's North American operation. Since 2011, he has focused his engineering and business skills on improving the way food is produced utilizing aquaponics: a synergistic growing technique in which both fish and plants are grown together in the same system. By growing food in a natural ecosystem, water consumption and environmental pollution are drastically reduced. David helps people learn, build, and grow their own food by offering everything required to succeed with aquaponics, including workshops, research, consulting, and system kits and components. He is pictured below with Dr. Nick Savidov and Charlie Shultz.

Joe Thwaites is the CEO of First Power based in Delta, BC. Joe has run clean technology businesses for over 20 years and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering. He has designed aquaculture and aquaponics systems, as well as greenhouse heating systems. He Joe taught at Vancouver Island University and has served as a Director of various organizations, including the Canadian Solar Industries Association and the Canadian Global Change Program. He has also acted as a technical consultant for federal and provincial renewable energy programs over the years. Joe has designed energy systems and done planning work for a wide variety of clients including First Nations communities, Vancity Credit Union and Vancouver International Airport. Joe has won several awards including the Ethics in Action Award for leadership on triple bottom-line.

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